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 To Contact us please use the following options:-  

By Phone

0800 0832161

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Please remember, we are a busy small company. Some times we may be working or with a customer. So the best way to contact us is to either send an email see above. Or send a text, so one of us can call you back when we are free.

We are here to help you. We don't have a team of people waiting for your call. We are a real working business out on the road every day. Your call will be straight though to one of us on the road visiting customers every day. So we may have to call you back.





If you have a bay window and would like to ask more about your options and the costs.

We will require you to take a photo of your bay window. Don't panic we have customers in their 80's sending us pictures every week and they do it perfectly fine.

Stand back in the middle of the room and take 1 photo of your bay window. To include both sides.

Send this photo to us at

Subject box must always contain " BAY WINDOW CURTAIN TRACK " 

One of us will come back to you,

Next a Size

Remember to take a size of the bay window. The best way to do this. Is to run a tape measure along the window sill from the left along the window sill, all the way round to the other side.. It only needs to be a rough size!!! Don't Panic.. in 26 years we have only had one man give us a size of a bay window of 150cm's !! I kid you not!   In real life it was 320cm !! Most bay windows are around 10ft to 14ft. To give you an idea most people are just under 6ft tall. 

A Phone number..

Just so we can call you back to talk though the bay. WE ARE NOT SENDING YOUR NUMBER TO A MARKETING COMPANY. We are a small family run company. We just ask for a number to call you to be a real person on the end of the phone to help.  


So.... Picture - Email - Rough length of the track or pole - Telephone number.  


About Us.  


So you want to know about us... Ok, we are professional insured curtain track fitters. . Started in 1989 as Makin Tracks.  David McKinna fitted for many interior designers in the area esp round the Weybridge area and Hook in Hampshire, David and Mark worked for curtain makers, shops and others.

But in 2000 we changed direction, David retired and Mark took over the day to day running. Coming from an engineering back ground Mark was able to look at projects in a different light. The make up of products and even to this day Mark has been involved with a number of products pre market. A number of suppliers know Mark has come from the engineering world and value his option on a product. So we have from time to time Test products or Pre Production units. With some customers being the test mule for the product. In full knowledge we might add. We have also worked with large manufacturers to suggest changes to products that have been taken on board and changed. 

This led in 2010 to becoming an official supplier recognized by Integra Products, which is a huge honor in the trade. To James Fuller sending Pre Production Bay tracks for valuation. 

So do we have a passion for what we do?... you bet we do. 

Looking more into the future of the industry, Mark started in 2000 and this gave us the full package offering curtains made to measure from a huge range of fabric books, as well as the curtain tracks, poles, Wood Shutters. We also added on blinds to really make us the one stop shop for you the customer..

In 2015 We became the official supplier under the Making Interiors banner for Linden Homes in the South. This was an exciting time, showing customers the difference between DIY tracks and poles. To full bespoke world of curtains, blinds, tracks, Poles, shutters and so much more. 

Many customers have become friends over the years with us being asked to do also sorts of extra jobs as we are quite handy with our tools, from putting up picture frames, change lamps to painting rooms. It's now 2016 and we have a large workshop in Southampton and Portsmouth to work from. We have 3 vans. One is kitted out as a rolling show room for all of our work and samples. So we can bring the whole shop to your door.. look on line to get an idea and then we come to you..easy.

We thought back in 2000 curtain shops would be a thing of the past and I hate to say it, but it is a dying trade for skills. It is still a healthy industry with the small independent companies we all need curtains. So the industry needed to change and your looking at it..Family Run and Small. 

We come to you!!

Give us a call 0800 0832161 you may have to leave a message but we will call you back. We may be up a ladder and it's difficult to hold a curtain track and a drill and er... oh yeah answer the phone.