Metal Curtain Tracks

We only, make, use and fit METAL curtain tracks. 

These Tracks have a SPARES back up..  


Metal curtain tracks are the only way to go. You use your curtain tracks twice a day if not more. So don't just make do with DIY store pre packed copies of what we use in the trade.

You buy quality it shows and more important it lasts. It does not have to cost you a fortune. 

At Curtain Track Man what we have done here is select a different range of tracks to suit the home. 

DO NOT think these are the same as DIY stores copies. These are contract tracks that have been used in the trade for years.Bespoke is what you would expect it's made to measure in our work shops or even on site at your home. Curtain tracks are built up from component form so we can custom make to your requirements. We advise you. So you don't need to worry, it's easy trust me.

Bespoke Is not as expensive as you think. It's neater and more flexible to suit your needs. 


Bespoke Curtain Tracks

Heavy weight curtains for lined and bumff interlind curtains with a heavy face fabric

Medium weight curtains For lined and interlined curtains, most common used.

Light weight curtains Lined curtains with either a heavy wieght face fabric or normal cotton.




Voiles tracks


 CRS is a Pole/Track based on the style of Metro Pole. Corded and Non Corded. 

This Track can also be curved for a bay window. We to date have managed to take over a job from a high street name. By correctly measuring, bending and fitting this product as a duo. TWO poles/Tracks one in front of the other, mounted on one Bracket. For a 5.5meter Bay window. The Devil is in the detail!  Available in a number of colours and a fraction of the price of the leading brand. 


We also make curtains as seen below here. This was 16meter Curved Bay Window. Track and curtains in flame retardant fabric where made for this commercial customer.  

Quote " You where the smallest company out of all the companies we used on this refurb. But you where the only one to come in on budget, the day you said you where completing and the quality is excellent, thank you" Northrop Gumman Corporation. 



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